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Professional bumper repair services from 2000 Panel Beaters and Spray Painters

When damage is done to a vehicle, it is more often than not the bumpers that suffer the most damage. In the event when a vehicle's bumper is damaged, it is important to seek professional help from an experienced panel beater.

At 2000 Panel Beaters and Spray Painters, we make use of the most advanced automotive body repair equipment when undertaking any bumper repair project. The fact that we make use of such advanced equipment, combined with the fact that we have extensive experience and skill in the automotive body repair industry has allowed us to deliver service or unrivalled quality to all of our clients.

We specialise in both major and minor accident repairs, from the tiniest scratch, right through to major collision damage. In some cases, we are unable to repair a seriously damaged bumper, however. Whenever this happens, we will make sure that we source the exact bumper (always brand new and authentic, or a used part by customer consent) needed for the make and model of the vehicle, which we then use to replace the excessively damaged bumper.


Our services are comprehensive, we service any make or model of vehicle, from the smallest passenger vehicles, to the largest commercial trucks. No damage will ever be too minor or too serious for us to repair.

The quality of our bumper repair services is unrivalled, because we have the skills, equipment, tools and our own spray painting booth, we are able to complete any repair project from beginning to end.



Tel 021 933 7256

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